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Made Here In America

 Washington Made

Auto Parts & Misc.

78% made in USA



and Arizona

Shear Comfort Ltd. offers a wide range of aftermarket Seat Covers for Cars, Trucks and Vans, produced in Washington, California and Arizona.For over 28 years we have specialized in custom made, high quality seat covers for all consumer and industrial needs. Our products are distributed through a network of dealers as well as direct to consumers online. By offering a large selection of styles, guaranteeing the lowest prices, and focusing on customer satisfaction, Shear Comfort has become one of the top online merchants in the seat covers industry.




Pillows 100% other Bedding 35% made in USA


Down & Feather Bedding

Seattle, WA

Pacific Coast® is the #1 brand of down and feather bedding in the United States. We’ve been creating premium down and feather bedding for more than 100 years. Pacific Coast® is the premier resource for high quality, luxury bedding: down comforters, bed protectors, feather pillows, goose down pillows, duvet covers, body pillows, feather beds, shams and more.


100% made in USA


Anacortes, WA

Luxury yachts, Long Range Cruisers, Previous Builds.

Boating Products

100% made in USA


Sultan, WA

Ultimate Paddle Performance™ is Werner Paddles Mission. . . and Promise to You. We believe Advanced Designs and a Great Fit are the key ingredients to achieving Ultimate Paddle Performance™ . . . therefore, to fulfill our promise we focus enormous amounts of energy to developing a complete selection of advanced paddle designs.

100% made in USA


Roll-A-Table®s,  Roll-A-Cot®s,  Roll-a-Stool®s, and Roll-A-Chair®s

Spokane,  WA

Camp Time® was founded in 1980 by its CEO "Dave" who took a challenge from his buddy "Mel" to develop a new type of  portable table without all those sharp corners that scratched holes into the tubes of  their inflatable boats. Today, it's Camp Time®'s continuing goal to keep producing the highest quality, most portable and best camp furniture right here in the USA.

Candy and Sweets

 Cappuccino fudge is an excellent choice for any coffee lover and makes a great gift. Made in USA

100% made in USA


Bellingham WA


Send gourmet fudge from our kitchen to your doorstep. We ship our gourmet fudge to the lower 48 states. Send a gift box to show your appreciation to your business clients, or indulge yourself. Choose from over 40 flavors of freshly made fudge! 



Clothing Accessories

90% made in USA


Vancouver, WA

Belt Buckles: Occupation, Sports, US State, US Military, Western, Wildlife.

100% made in USA


Centralia, WA

Geier Glove Company was established in 1927. They have been producing some of the world’s finest leather gloves for men and women -- for work, dress, driving, and riding. Geier uses only the best leathers available for glove making. Available in full and half sizes, giving you the best possible fit.


 Clothing - Men

Made in USA Water-repellent classic Cruiser made from 100% virgin wool

90% made in USA




Seattle, Washington


We put the same care into all our products that C.C. Filson insisted on since 1897. We believe that no one can craft our heavy wools, rugged cottons and genuine Bridle Leather with the same quality and durability that we can right here.

Classic field apparel, hunting & Shooting, fly fishing, sportswear, luggage & travel.

The special Spandex blend of fibers conceal your problem chest and the short sleeves and wide collar makes them invisible.

100% made in USA

Kent, WA

GyneSlim™ shirts have been used successfully by thousands of men just like you to gain confidence and make themselves look and feel better.Designed by a gynecomastia sufferer who was disappointed with other shirts he tried, GyneSlim™ shirts are made from the highest quality materials. GyneSlim™ shirts are designed to combat gynecomastia and their main purpose is to hide mens boobs.





100% made in USA


Victorian Doll Clothing

Lynnwood, WA

Welcome to Vee's Victorians doll clothing, factory-direct home of the finest hand-sewn dresses and outfits for collectible dolls of all sizes. Our mission statement is simple - to provide you with the best products and the best customer service and to then give you the opportunity to shop when it's convenient for you - 24 hours a day, seven days a week!




Commercial Products

Office Equipment

100% made in USA

Binders, Pockets & Dividers, Presentation, CD Sleeves, Notebooks, Custom Printing

Seattle, WA

In a sea of homogenous products, you’re the ones picking the binder that isn’t white or black. You’re the one standing up for something new and different when someone says a white binder is the only one that will work for the project. You also choose Guided Products because you can see the shared values, accountable materials and American manufacturing that’s inspiring us over here in Seattle.


100% made in USA




Spokane, WA


Lloyd Industries, Inc., is an industry leading manufacturer of commercial grade baking, pizza, and restaurant equipment MADE IN THE USA. Our rugged pans, disks, and accessories are designed to withstand the abuse of high-volume commercial kitchens. And Lloyd Industries is the only company that offers its customers a permanent, toxin-free and metal utensil safe release coating for high performance and superior results.




Computer & Electronics

100% made in USA

Seattle WA

We design and manufacture sophisticated laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, travel bags, and accessories in our Seattle factory. We offer eye-catching designs and unusually attentive customer service.

100% made in USA



Woodinville, WA

Nice, Inc. is a consumer product company that delivers premium design products with a social and environmental mission to be “nice” at every touchpoint. Our mission is to bring premium design products to market that delight, inspire, and build on our foundation of empowering our local community, reducing environmental impact, and sharing our success.



Some products described in this Ad might not be Made in USA


100% made in USA

InsideStory Flashcards

The world's most interesting
way to learn words®

Bellevue, WA

Perfect for the SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, and SAT. Our cards contain the same vocabulary words that are tested on the standardized exams given in middle school through high school. Appropriate for younger children. The simple stories and dramatic photographs hold the attention of younger readers, who will quickly get the idea that words can be fun. Unique gifts. Our cards are one-of-a-kind educational gifts for kids and teens. They also make great gifts for teachers. Cards are lead free.




Home & Garden

Pillows 100% other Bedding 35% made in USA


high quality,
luxury bedding

Seattle, WA

Pacific Coast® is the #1 brand of down and feather bedding in the United States. We’ve been creating premium down and feather bedding for more than 100 years. Pacific Coast® is the premier resource for high quality, luxury bedding: down comforters, bed protectors, feather pillows, goose down pillows, duvet covers, body pillows, feather beds, shams and more.

100% made in USA


Winlock, WA

Cedar Sheds, Garden Hutches, Deck Boxes,

Dog Houses.Cedar offers a timeless complement to any architectural style, from traditional to contemporary. Stained clear or solid, or painted to suit, cedar is the perfect material to compliment any home.





100% made in USA


Spokane, WA

When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers.
We are proud to be in your kitchen.




Lawn & Garden Tools

100% made in USA

Soil Scoops


Bellevue, Washington

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

100% made in USA

Seattle, WA

Diggit Garden Tools Get to the Root of the Problem. Diggit Garden Tools precisely get around good plants to root out enemy weeds.

Just a few reasons to get this vital garden tool…
a. Perfect tool for dandelion removal (taprooted weeds)
b. Palm-friendly, safe to use and too bright to get lost
c. Built to last using strong, weather-proof materials.





100% made in USA


Centralia, WA

The highest quality Leather motorcycle riding gloves. These Motorcycle hand protective mitts will guard your hands from the most strenous of roads.




Luggage, Bags etc.

100% made in USA

Seattle, WA

We design and manufacture sophisticated laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, travel bags, and accessories in our Seattle factory. We offer eye-catching designs and unusually attentive customer service.

100% made in USA


High-quality Messenger Bags, Duffel Bags, and Vehicle Trunk Bags

Tacoma, WA

When I needed a bag to control the unruly mess of stuff in my car. I looked at what was on the market, but nothing really matched what I was looking for in terms of quality, capacity, and versatility. So, I set out to create my own bag--the end-all in automotive storage. My first attempt was a compartmentalized bag with no padding or sidewalls, so it just fell in on itself. This was fixed in the next version, and so on. Our current flagship product, the BlackBox, is the result of that culminated process.




Outdoors & Camping

70% made in USA


Seattle, Washington

We began over 35 years ago with the simple idea of providing a more comfortable night outdoors. Since then, we have grown to become the parent company of some of the most respected brands in the outdoor industry. Brands:MSR® Therm-a-Rest® SealLine® Platypus® Tracks®





100% made in USA


Port Angeles, WA

Whether you’re trolling in lakes or casting in rivers and streams, Wicked Lures offer each angler a wide variety of fish to catch. Unlike other spinners on the market today, the action and presentation of Wicked Lures makes each lure unique and deadly to a wide variety of game fish. For Catching: Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroat, Dolly’s, Bass, Kokanee, Greyling, Steelhead, Kings, Coho, Chum, Humpies, and Sockeye Salmon.





100% made in USA


Relief from
Dog Skin Problems

Kingston, WA

Severe dog itching, skin allergies, mange, black skin disease and hair loss, hot spots, dandruff or seborrhea, cuts and sores and other secondary dog skin problems resulting from flea or mite allergies and even trauma – these conditions are miserable for your pet, and for you. Now there's a fast, safe and effective all-natural solution for skin problems - the four step DERMagic skin care system. And it's guaranteed.

100% made in USA


 Organic Dog Treats

Monroe, WA

“Wet Noses” is an all natural, USDA-certified organic dog treat sold online and through hundreds of stores to tens of thousands of customers. Flavors include peanut butter with molasses or banana, sweet potato, pumpkin, Washington apple, cheddar cheese and carrots.


Sports Equipment

Liberty's Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water.

100% made in USA



Union Gap, WA

The ONLY metal water bottle made in the USA...of recycled material & totally recyclable! Of course, BPA Free inside & out. We make vessels to transport liquid! 12, 16, 24 and 32oz water bottles that are truly different! They are the only metal water bottle made in America, and made from 100% recycled materials and completely recyclable when they've finished their job.





100% made in USA


Bellingham, WA

Mind stimulating treasure hunt game, ideal for birthday parties and all family events...

Customize the game clues online. The treasure hunt adventure is created. Print and follow the instructions.
The kids have two hours of fun decyphering the hieroglyphic code and finding the hidden clues, keys and riddles.
The ultimate object of the game is to open a treasure chest, locked with the combination lock you provide.
A great birthday party game that makes kids think!





100% madein USA


Pharoah Mfg.

Deer Park, Washington

Saw and Router guides by Pharoah give your equipment the precision cutting performance they were meant to provide you. Once you cut the guide to fit your saw or router you no longer have to guess where your layout line is. The guide is now your template for the exact cut line, eliminating the layout step of your project. Watch our video and see how we can simplify your next project. 




Some products described in this Ad
might not be Made in USA


Some products might not be Made in USA



A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life. Only Bromwell manufactures these quality cheese shredders! See how they're made here in America. Visit our Factory Tour!



As functional as it is attractive, our Pioneer Tea Kettle is handcrafted from pure copper, and is ideal for heating water for coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Made in USA